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5 Custom Drum Companies on the Cutting Edge of Drum Building

Hammer Drums - When it comes to finishes, customizability, and options, no company comes out on top like Hammer. Owner Ian Hammer believes "there should be no shortage of communication, and willingness to make your dream come to life." This is evident by the near limitless finishes, and innovative ideas that could only happen with strong customer collaboration. This is your one stop shop for custom drum builders.

Find Hammer Custom Drums at


HHG Drums - You wont find a more innovative manufacturer of stave , metal and ply drum than HHG. Handmade drums with character and presence. They offer Contour shaped stave shells, and luxurious finishes. Owner Sam Thurau is the mastermind, highly respected in the drumming community for his integrity and know how.

Find HHG drums at


Outlaw Drums - Quite possibly has the coolest story of how a drum company began. Owner Michael Outlaw (real name) repurposes it for his absolutely stunning drums. Outlaw Drums uses old time craftsmanship with modern tools to bring ancient wood back to life as stave and segment drums. "We specialize in building showcase drums from 200-600 year old reclaimed wood from barns, gymnasiums, historical houses, decommissioned bridges, and fallen trees. Every custom drum is a unique work of art."

Find Outlaw Drums at


Van Kleef Drums - When you talk about precision craftsmanship, the name Alan Van Kleef gets top billing. Specializing in full custom metal shells and hardware, in particular stainless steel and bronze, every piece from top to bottom is manufactured in house. But it doesn't stop there, do you want a snare drum made from pure silver? Try the Van Kleef ageless series, you wont find a more boutique metal drum.

Find Van Kleef Drums at


Hendrix Drums - Want that perfect blend of stave and ply shell? Hendrix has mastered the formula, with their thin stave shell technology, you can have the best of both worlds. They specialize in thin walnut shells for its warm and dry focused tone, that is consistent across all drum shell sizes. you wont be disappointed with Hendrix.

Find Hendrix Drums at



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