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Hammer Custom Drums Artist Endorsement

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Hammer Custom Drums offers endorsement which can include discounts on gear at cost of materials, promotion of artist name in association with products concerning artist work.


1) Affiliation with a legitimate recording label.

2) Affiliation with an artist who is with a legitimate recording label.

3) Working currently with a well known artist who is known to produce music with a legitimate recording label.

4) Working as a solo artist who is affiliated with legitimate recording label.

5) Being a well know artist.

6) Have the ability to promote Hammer Custom Drums by having a name brand built for yourself.

7) Brand Association to a well known product, service, company, brand name.

8) Ability to show independant record sales, ample self promotion, or strong personal brand recognition in a way other than what is listed above that shows benificial reason to link to the brand name of Hammer Custom Drums.

Reasons For Rejection

1) Not affiliated with a legitimate label, artist, product, service, product or brand name.

2) No ability to show reason for mutually benificial association of brand name.

3) Needing gear for a tour with a band without the backing of a strong audience.

All artist must submit a press pack. We recieve several submissions per month. Your submission will be processed in the order it is recieved, and will be judged by quality.


Both the endorsee (HCD) and the endorser (artist) must mutually benefit from the endorsement arangment and be working toward promotion of our respected brand. Our relationship must be benificial, elevating both names at the same time.


This arrangment includes the agreement to use Hammer Custom Drums products exclusively in all public playing and endorsement situations. 


Anybody can apply as many times as they like, it is welcome and flattering to recieve these request. On the other hand, do expect that if you want time and attention, it will be necessary to be more than a working musician who needs low cost gear.


We here at Hammer Custom Drums work tirelessly to craft our product, and promote the brand name, and expect every artist to do the same. If an your name is showing, or potentially showing in the future, a reason to become an endorser, lets do business.

Endorsement Email contact

Send all Press packs to

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