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Returns and Refunds

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No refunds on custom drums. Returns are acceptable in instances of manufacturing defects. All Hammer Custom Drums products are given a warranty to be manufacturer defect free for one year. The warranty covers repairs on manufacturing defects only. All return shipping cost is the responsibility of the consumer. All sales are final.

In the event that Hammer Custom Drums products are damaged during shipping, customer must choose one of the two following options.

1) Customer will contact the insurance claim department of the shipping company used to deliver the damaged package and damaged goods, and customer will personally file a claim and deal with the claims department alone. If customer chooses this option, customer retains right to keep the money issued by the insurance claim department.


2) Customer gives permission to Hammer Custom Drums to contact the insurance claim department of the shipping company used to deliver the damaged package and damaged goods, and Hammer Custom Drums will assign a representative to file a claim and deal with the claims department. It will be required of the customer to provide detailed photography and paperwork as needed by the representative for claim to be processed properly. Customer will not play or use damaged goods and will keep all damaged packaging for the duration of the insurance claim process, until pay out is final and monetary funds are transferred from shipping company into Hammer Custom Drums bank account. Failure to comply with all request given by the representative will risk the customer losing Insurance pay out. If Customer chooses this option, customer waives right to collect the money from the insurance pay out. No monetary refund for the damaged product will be paid out to customer, instead customer guarantees that Hammer Custom Drums will rebuild the products damaged during the shipping that the insurance pay out is associated with if Hammer Custom Drums pursues claim and receives pay out. Customer may make changes to the rebuild if so desired so long as the budget for the changes stays within the amount of the insurance pay out. Customer will receive a refund for money not used during the rebuild if changes in the rebuild cause the budget to be under what the insurance pay out was originally. If changes in the rebuild go over the budget of the pay out, customer agrees to pay for any budget increases as they come up.  

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