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Passionate about drum craft.

It takes 3 generations of musicians in an immediate family to produce a professional genius musician. Or so it is said.

Having all the right balances of education, commitment, accountability, and strict practice routine.

Basically the rule goes, if you study the craft of your parents you will be twice as good as them if you pay attention to their work, and love putting in the time to learn the craft.

I can see that that is also the case for business.

I'm a first generation musician, not one musician for three generations on either side of my family.

But my family is fairly good a business. I will be a second generation business and management.

I don't know why I am passionate about art an and music, I'm a mutant I suppose. But since I have had little guidance in that area while growing up, I can see that I have had to learn the profession of music the hard way, many mistakes along the way.

On the other hand, I am "not" following my "passion", I am following my "opportunity" as Mike Rowe says. I am applying art and music in a business model, that allows me to use my passion in a way that I am familiar with.

I am not familiar to being on stages in front of 75,000 people, nor am I familiar with traveling in a tour bus 6 months out of the year.

However I am familiar with people skills, communication skills, and doing the tedious that is involved with craftsmanship.

All I am doing is applying what I love to what I know. Both of which give me joy, satisfaction, and gives honor to where I come from.

Ian Hammer

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