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This pricing guide is intended as general information. It should be used to get a basic idea of what your build will cost. For an exact price for your personal build, please fill out the SNARE DRUM BUILDER or DRUM KIT BUILDER form. If you do not find what you are looking for, send us a message on our CONTACT US page to see if your drum build idea is available. Each price tier represents a standard selection of hardware, finish, and/or drum shell combinations. Find the price tier description above the price list that best describes your overall vision. Any lower tier option may be applied to a higher tier, there is no limit to a creative combination, and the price will likely fit some where in between the two tiers when you receive your quote.

Internal Microphones

Price of microphone is not included. customer may choose to order internal mic package with or without microphones installed. Brand of microphone is open to the preference of the customer. Randall May Industries supplies mounting hardware for any application. All mounts utilize shock mount technology for whisper quiet internal microphone performance

-6"-14" Lug mount system - $190

-15"-20" Lug mount system - $210

-Bass drum rail system - $500

-Turbo kick bass woofer - $600

Internal Lighting Kits

Lighting kits come with lights per drum, wiring harness that connects drums to controller, and controller that comes with a remote control.

-Basic Controller with programmable single color, or color change effects. Multiple controllers can be paired for individual drum color control if desired.

$100 per controller

Single light strip per drum

-6"-10" - $45

-12"-14"  - $55

-15"-18" -$65

-20"-24" - $75

-26"-28 - $90

Double light strip per drum

-6"-10" - $95

-12"-14"  - $115

-15"-18" -$135

-20"-24" - $155

-26"-28 - $185

-Advanced Controller: There are many controllers on the market. Some are off the shelf, some a custom made to spec, please ask us any questions on function or price.

-Remote Controlled - $100-$300

-Wifi Controlled - $100-$300

-DMX Controlled - $250-$1000

-Sound Trigger Controlled - $800-$3000

Custom Bass Drum Head Art

We do custom head art in house with the hammer custom logo included in your design. $100 for design plus cost of drum head.

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